Our Mission:

Living with the truth that there is life in the light of Christ

Our desire is to be disciples who make the Gospel known by normalizing biblical behaviors which will last in eternity. We know that we are far more broken than we had believed, and in our attempts to fix our problems, we have missed the mark. The only way to have life, the thriving kind of life, is in the Light of Christ. Because of this knowledge, our prayer is to be a community of Gospel centered people serving any and all, express the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and have a robust community that no one else can deliver. 

Because there is life in the light of Christ we...

The Gospel of Christ says that the only way to live well is to believe and never be pushed away from God (John 6). Because we have the assurance of just how loved his people are (Romans 5:8), we aim to align our lives with his desires and not our own. 

We have four primary expressions, or values, of his Light and Life. They are; Love, Grow, Worship, and Go. 


Although the word gets throw around a bit, to love another means everything to the Christian faith. We are not some random collection of do-gooders, but rather a family who all are pointed in the same direction (Romans 8:17). We hope to celebrate life events together, grieve with each other, and challenge one another. This type of relationship is the ultimate goal of those who would rather serve others instead of being served. 


The Gospel is not something you can place on a shelf and pick it up later. Wherever those in Christ go, so goes the Gospel. We know that Christ's command to us was to teach and preach the Gospel so that many would come to be disciples (Matthew 28:16-20). The Gospel is simply this, we have bent the good life that was given to us, made it something it was not intended to be. But, he has straightened our ways by taking on the debt of our mistake. We are no longer under a debt we could never pay, but can live freely (John 8:36). To be a Christian means being someone who invites many others to see who this Jesus is. 


Those who are disciples have committed to the best family member we could ever have hoped for, our Christ. Because God has given us gifts beyond anything we could have asked for, we want to live in that reality. The things that Christ loves, we wish to love. He loves joyful singing, sacrificial giving, devoted living, and tears of grief. We want to express just how much this Christ has given us by praising in song and sharing our lives as an offering (Romans 12:1).


The Word of God (you may know it as the Bible) is the final and most trustworthy document Christians have. There is nothing else besides his words for us to know him. Because we believe it to be entirely trustworthy, we want to grow in the knowledge of it. We study it, read it, meditate on it, and find it to be our only hope for who God revealed himself to be (1 John 5:9).