We gather

We are a local church that values what we call "Gatherings." A Gathering is when the members and visitors of a church come together to publicly meet. You may have heard it called "going to Church." When you read the Bible, it says that the people who were part of the Gospel would meet together locally for various goals (Hebrews 10:25, Acts 2:42). At our Gatherings, we have three main goals. We sing the Word of God, we preach the Word of God, and, lastly, we make the Gospel known to those of faith and those outside of faith.

Here you can find more information about what happens at our Gatherings

we scatter

On top of coming together to publicly Gather, we Scatter into smaller groups during the week. These smaller groups have the primary goals of fellowship, care, and living a missional life. We engage in conversation openly, care for each other uniquely, and express the Gospel to those who would not come through the door of a Sunday Gathering. We call these types of meetings Life Groups. Many happen to meet throughout the week to extend the Gospel into homes and neighborhoods.  

You can find out more about our Life Groups here

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