Gatherings at Arise

When we publicly meet as a church, we have some staples you can expect.

Sermon Series Primer

We want to know God as best we can. To help others love his word, we are preparing a Sermon Series Primer. This will help us focus on the main subjects of each series. 

Psalms Teaching Primer

Job Series Primer

Sunday Morning 10am

The Word

A time of hearing a Spiritually qualified leader preach is customary on Sunday's. It typically lasts 30-40 minutes, and we pray you listen to what this Christ does for our lives more than anything else. 


Come prepared to sing songs from various traditions. Some hymns, some songs you hear on the radio, and some new ones to learn.  


Sometimes the leader who is teaching will wear a button-up, other times a t-shirt. Come in what is customary and comfortable to you. Coffee is always helpful and served for you. We like to laugh in our Gatherings and at times the Pastor may interact with others during the sermon.  

Questions and Answers

Following the Gathering, you can ask any question that may need clarity. The Pastor welcomes them.  


At the conclusion of our Gathering, come forward to receive prayer from an Elder if you would like. 

Arise Kids

Ages Newborn to Pre- K

Those who may benefit from a time in their own space during our Gatherings will find Child Care that is safe, trusted, and caring. Volunteers who have been verified by Arise would welcome caring for your little one as you attend our Gathering. You sign in as you enter the building, place a name tag on your child, and then drop them off in a classroom. They will have age appropriate time of play and fellowship with similar aged children. 

School Aged Children

School Ages Children have a dedicated time with trustworthy volunteers to learn more about scripture and enjoy fellowship. Following the sermon, school aged children (K-5th Grade) will be dismissed to classrooms where they will; find other peers who they can fellowship with, have a safe and responsible time of learning, and finally be prayed for. Our goal is to resource Parents with scripture, teaching, and outside documents to help you disciple your children at home. 

Student Ministries

6th-12th Grade

We have a group for students which meets Wednesday evenings at 7pm at our building. Typically, students will interact with friends for a while before hearing a short teaching and finish with conversation in small groups.