Gatherings at Arise

When we publicly meet as a church, we have some staples you can expect.

Sermon Series Primer

We want to know God as best we can. To help others love his word, we are preparing a Sermon Series Primer. This will help us focus on the main subjects of each series. 

Psalms Teaching Primer

Job Series Primer

Sunday Morning 10am

The Word

A time of hearing a Spiritually qualified leader preach is customary on Sunday's. It typically lasts 30-40 minutes, and we pray you listen to what this Christ does for our lives more than anything else. 


Come prepared to sing songs from various traditions. Some hymns, some songs you hear on the radio, and some new ones to learn.  


Sometimes the leader who is teaching will wear a button-up, other times a t-shirt. Come in what is customary and comfortable to you. Coffee is always helpful and served for you. We like to laugh in our Gatherings and at times the Pastor may interact with others during the sermon.  

Questions and Answers

Following the Gathering, you can ask any question that may need clarity. The Pastor welcomes them.  


At the conclusion of our Gathering, come forward to receive prayer from an Elder if you would like. 

Arise Family ministry

Our goal is to support and encourage parents to disciple children to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God through gospel preaching, prayer and fellowship. At Arise, we encourage families to attend Sunday gatherings together.  Interactive materials are provided to engage older kids in the whole worship service, and our nursery rooms are available for kids under 5. Monthly fellowship events provide opportunities for families to form relationships, and we encourage families to join small groups that meet on a regular basis to pray, provide support and accountability, and to serve those around them. We want to envelop kids into our community so they can make their faith personal as they participate in the life of the church.

youth life groups

Every Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:00pm at Arise Church, we welcome all middle school and high school students. Youth Life Groups connect for fun, food, and fellowship, while learning, finding, and developing their identity in Christ and building relationships with oth-er students and their youth leaders.